All you want to know about Bohemian Style!

Nowadays we see a lot of products tagged as "Bohemian". But Exactly what is Bohemian? In fact, the question is itself wrong. 

Bohemian truly means Free-spirit, Artistic, unconventional. Therefore you may notice that all the products which have numerous colours is called as bohemian. 

Ever heard of the phrase," Stay away from that hippie". Well "hippie is also a term used for a bohemian person". A person who is away from conventional society and are not disturbed by its disapproval. A Bohemian is an Artist.

But It is not true Vice-versa. All the artist cannot be called Bohemian, But the second element necessary to be a bohemian is "poverty". 

 So what do you have to do to carry a bohemian style?


Bohemian hairstyel 

Don't worry! you can do that without getting poor. 

Firstly you always wear layers of everything from top to bottom.

Let's start from the top!

Leave your hair natural and open or go for a messy braid.

Bohemian hairstyle

Do light makeup, Go for nude shades. Apply less or no eye makeup.

Light bohemian Hairstyle

Wear a multilayered necklace, with tassels or small elements on each layer. Go for jewellery made of beads and natural material like threads, turquoise etc.

Turquoise Bracelets

Wear long earrings with chains and elements below is an example.

Long Tassel Chain Earrings

Go for leather bracelets with layers.

Leather Bracelet

Always choose printed clothes and loose ones. Baggy and flowy clothes are a top priority. 

Boho chic Dresses

Don't forget to Style your Foot!

Bohemian Footwear

Complete your style statement with Gladiators. or you can go with a more casual look with flip flops and a beaded anklet.

Here you go gal, your look is ready!

Image courtesy( Pinterest,Karatcart)

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