Renessaince Jewellery

Renessaince(meaning rebirth) remained in 1400 to 1700 bc.Sounds boring Right? It was an era that changed face of the jewellery industry. Some of the Preserved pieces will show you that even today we are wearing those. But hey! Wait till you see it! Artists were funded by the royal families that resulted in making jewellery pieces of such amazing craftsmanship and uniqueness that were not seen before. I will try my best to make you visit that era with the pictures and some interesting facts.

Did you know that the great artists of that time started their careers as goldsmiths. No doubt that we see elaborate jewellery in the arts of those time.

New trade routes were discovered, among those was a route to India which was discovered by Vasco de gamma. i am sure everybody knows who he is. That route lead to heavy outflow of diamonds to various parts of the world. Not only diamonds, emeralds from Columbia, topaz and amazonite from Brazil, spinel, iolite, and chrysoberyl from Sri Lanka, lapis lazuli from Afghanistan, turquoise from Persia, peridot from Red Sea and what not. Imagine what not can an artist create if he has access to these kind of materials. You can see these jaw dropping creations yourself

One of the very interesting story of that time is people used to love sea-faring adventours which triggered a fashion of jewellery with ships, mermaid and sea monsters.

Jewellery was worn all over the body. Whichever article could be used as a an ornament was used to decorate the bodice of the Royal nobilities.

Pendants were the main most popular piece worn. And it was loaded with precious gems. Apart from that rings were worn on all five fingers and the space under the bezel was used to store perfumed materials. So that whenever their is bad smell around you could bring your hand the near the nose and you are good to go.

Thats all folks! See you again.

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